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About Us

The early years

Back in 1994 the business began as Kolour Krazy, origianlly selling footballs and trainers in Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth and run by married couple Mark and Rose. We quickly invested in laser copiers which led to copying, printing and soon enough laser transfer printing on to tshirts. At this point Son No.2 Mike came on board to help move the clothing business forward. We then took a work trip in the late 1990's to Las Vegas where we uncovered the first cadcut machine. From there we got in to workwear for small business and grew our printing business to new heights. With daughter Sam coming in a couple of years later we specialised in a5 print runs and clothed the whole of the South Coast in logo'd gear. Print was booming in the 00's. Dogs were also a huge part of the office environment!

the idea years

After 15+ years in Holdenhurst Road it was time for a change of scenery and name. Big Print Little Print was formed, inspired by a childrens tv show, BPLP gave us new branding in new 4500sqft premises in Southbourne. The plan was to expand our offering and to incorporate some kind of Print School where we could invite education facilities, charities and artistic individuals to come in and sample what we have to offer and create something special for themselves. We expanded our equipment and collaborated with some amazing start up companies. The Warehouse took a lot of upkeep though so plans changed.

The expansion years

In 2014 BPLP acquired Top Copy and moved in to their premises in Moordown. At this time they also managed to keep Jane, the most important acquisition. With Jane well skilled in smaller print runs Mark moved more of the business in to large format printing such as banners and flags. Mike left to pursue other clothing based ambitions and Sam took over the clothing. Rose continued to work on the admin side of the business. We lost our doggie mascots Casper and Milo and the office became a lot quieter. Then Covid hit!

The settling down years

2020 was a year like no other. Already looking to make changes, Covid 19 forced many businesses to adapt and look to an uncertain future. With this in mind it became the ideal opportunity to convert stables at Mark and Rose's home in Verwood and take the business home. As well as saving on huge overheads that come with a retail premises, it gave them and Sam the perfect work/life balance they had been seeking. The business continues to support the family and Jane is still an integral part of the team. Doggies Barney and Charlie now sit at their feet and the future looks bright.

We are Familya

From Kolour Krazy to Bplp, Bournemouth to Southbourne to Moordown to Verwood...

25 years of family business, with a few extras along the way including iconic pooches. Some amazing customers, a few awful customers, but a lot of laughs, dramas, friendships and good business had and still to come. 

Here’s to another 25 years or so!

Sam Knapp

Apparel Director

Mark Johnson

Print Director

Rose Johnson

HR Manager

Jane Newport

Print Manager